Friday, November 20, 2015

So, I know it 's been like a *million* years since I've posted....

And I don't really know how to explain my absence, so I won't bother trying.

I'm back for at least one post, and it's to promote my friend Tammy.

I've mentioned her before, and if you don't know, she's my best friend.

Well, she's got a new project in the works, and I'd like all of you to check it out/promote it for me, if you'd be so kind.....

So, if you all would tell folks to watch, watch yourselves if you're able, and share this post, I'll be eternally in your debt.

Or at least very grateful...

Buenos con queso,


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I'm not the sort of person that makes New Year's resolutions, but....

A couple of my friends stopped by on NYE.  It was an unexpected drop in (tho one txted first to see if it was ok) that was prompted by them having to leave a local watering hole with the dubious moniker of "Ed's Dog House.'

Now, I didn't get all the details, but apparently there was a wake/memorial service going on (ik, r) and somebody said something that was misinterpreted, and at least a few people thought my friend said it.

Which he didn't.

So, in order to 'not get punched in the head' my buddies left.

So, in honor of that, I hereby resolve not to get punched in the head in a bar.  Now, I've never gone to Ed's, and don't have any plans to, but still.  In truth, I don't go to many (any) bars anymore, so I feel confident that this is a resolution I can keep.

I've also decided (tho not resolved) to try and do better with this whole blogging thing.  I'm not going to go apeshit and say that I'm gonna post every day, but I'm going to post more.

I promise.

Yesterday, being as it was, my second day off, was a fuck off and do nothing day.  Well, not nothing in point of fact, so I present you with:

A Day of Thrift Storing

There are several thrift stores within walking distance of my house, and when I'm feeling frisky, I usually hit all of them.  Yesterday, my first stop was at:

I found some books (in fact most of my day was books) but also a wooden camel:

And what I plan to use as a bitchin' dice cup:

I also found some awesome candle holders, but I didn't know if I had enough money at the time, so I trusted the universe, and after dropping off my booty from Salvation Army, I went to a couple different stores:

Wherein I found more books, and a couple kitchen gadgets.  I also stopped at a used furniture store that is in the same parking lot.  I knew the store was there, but I didn't know that he has a pretty cool selection of books as well...

So, after spending a little money there, I headed home.  Pops was back, and he decided to go to the last store with me, with a quick stop at The Salvation Army to get my candle holders:

Now, I don't smoke cigarettes, but after a phone call from my son, I had no choice but to pick up this ash tray:

And, since I'm sure you're all dying to know (not) here's the book swag I scored:

They run the gamut, from fiction to text books.  I didn't find the one I was actually looking for (The Princess Bride since you asked), but I did find some I was pleasantly surprised by.

Oh, and in a shameless self-plug, my birthday is a mere 8 days away, so if one of you wants to buy me that book....

Anyhow, hope you all had a good Christmas/NYE.

Buenos con queso,


Friday, December 23, 2011

I did something tonight that made me quite sad...

When I got home from work (*MAD*house, thanks for asking) Pops asked me if I had any AA batteries...

Now, like most techies, I tend/try to have a supply of most types. C D (yes, D, I have a *good* maglite), but at this point in time, I was frustrated to find that I had none.

I know, right?

Anyhow, in a fit of robbing Peter to rob pay Paulness, I reasoned that I could happily share the batteries from my FM 2's motor drive, since I can't even remember the last time I shot film....

Needless to say, since none of them (eight) tested with a charge, and also given that two of them had started leaking, I decided that it was time to take all the batteries out of my film equipment.

All 3 of them (N70, 8008s, FM2) still have film in them, I just don't see myself using them....


Buenos con queso,


Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'd begun to think I'd lost my marbles....

I'm happy to say, however, that I simply misplaced them:

And below, some close-ups:

Oh, and in one of those 'it's so random I have to comment on it' ways, my 1,111th post was on 11/11/11.

I know, right?

Buenos con queso,