Thursday, January 05, 2006

Better people, better food, better beer....

....whew /em mops brow.

It's been pretty hectic lately. I hope everybody had a good holiday season. Mine saw a lot of good family time, a fair measure of chicanery, and an absolute glut of outstanding food.

I guess I should start with the "Christmas Gift Conspiricy of 2005."

Christmas: it's a time of love, rejoincing, and tricking people. With the exception of my mother and myself, everybody at the o-dark thirty gift unwrapping at my sister's house was fooled when opening a package.

Take for example my niece. She's been doing a great job of keeping the secret about the t.v. that my mom bought and was keeping at thier house. We were all so proud of her. What everyone but her knew, is that the t.v. was really for HER!!

My sister opened a box from Pops and I. It was the glasses that we'd given her the year previously, which she had given back to us. Heh...then we gave her the waffle iron that she reeeeeely wanted.

Now we have a standing Sunday Breakfast. Yummy.

Christmas dinner was a New York Strip roast. Pops cooked it, and it was perfection. He's also made vegatable beef soup out of it. That's some pretty monster stuff too, not to mention the French Dip sandwiches.

Ok. Now I'm going to talk about presents. My niece got, in addition to the television, a cd boombox, a 5.0 meg digital camera, and a cel phone. Oh, yeah, Pops and I gave her a nutcracker. It's like 2 feet tall.

Pops got the usual: Old Spice, and new pair of slippers.

I got the coffee pot that I wanted, an electronic dartboard, socks (yay mom) and enough money to get my iPod shuffle. I love it. Loooooove it. I got the small one, at 512k, but get this: I've got 130 songs stored on it, and it's just soooooooo cool.

Sorry I've been a lame poster. I'm off.

Buenos con queso,