Thursday, October 30, 2008

So Thursdays?...Yeah, it's not just me.....

When my sister called this morning and said 'Guess what happened to my front yard today,' the one answer that would never have occured to me would have been 'Some psycho lady ran up on the curb, took out your neighbor's fence, his and your mailboxes, and the little light post in your yard.'

But, that's what happened.

Then the bitch (she was seen and it was in fact a bitch) just fucking took off. Happily, someone got her plate number, and the police were able to find her, but I mean, really?


In other news, there was a change of pumpkin plans, and the carving was done tonight rather than tomorrow morning. The results:


In order, it was Sis, niece, her friend, me, and D, sis's so.

I guess that's all the excitement for tonight.

Oh, yeah, I'll be doing this again, and I encourage you all do play along.

Buenos con queso,


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A shot of Whiskey-love in my mailbox.....

Not so long ago, I started reading a new blog. It's over here. She cracks my shit up. Well, just a couple weeks ago, she asked for (and recieved many i have no doubt) addresses so that she could do a 'mail-a-thon,' tho that's my word for it, not hers.

In any event, I submitted my addy, and yesterday, I came home to find this:


And the front:


What can I say, I love getting mail.

I'm sure you all do to, so here's the deal:

You send me your real address to kvenya at gmail dot com, and I'll send you somthing in the mail. I already have Kat's, and have, in fact sent her a few things already, but the rest of you?

Yeah, get on it and send me an address and you'll get some T.J.-love in your box.

Your mailbox that is.

Buenos con queso,


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A not insignificant milesone.....

I suppose of of the reasons I've been a little lax in posting is because I've been approaching this slowly.

You see, today is my 700th post.

I know, right?


How does that happen? I mean, I know I've been doing this for 4 years or so, but really.

I thought it called for something drastic, like a change of look/style, so I apologize for the 'surprise new look,' but it was long overdue. I'm not sure I'm going to stay with this one, so be prepared for possible changes.

I decided to celebrate by posting links to some of my older posts. Not that y'all haven't read them, but I'm trying to weed through them and find my faves. If you want, you can vote in the comments.

Here's one from Sept. '04:

About my t.v.

Here's one from Mar. '05:

About sluts....

And a few more:

Wierd Stuff...

Popcorn, anyone?

One night in Paris.....

Just one more.

Ok, there are a few from days gone bye-bye, and are mostly for the benefit of the one or 2 newer readers that may have not read them before (hi kila). If you do decide to vote on your faves, maybe you could like, make a list, you know?

Put them in order of what made you laugh the most (if at all) or something.

Beyond that, it's a Tuesday, and I'm looking forward to work.

No, not really, but as I've said often lately, I don't really dislike my job these days, just the fact that I have to have one.

So, I'm off to do a little surfing, and see what the world holds for today.

Buenos con queso,


Monday, October 27, 2008

Jack Skellington it watching me pee.....

Well, prolly not, but we have a box of Kleenex on the back of the toilet at work, and it looks like this:


You can clearly see that it has a rose motif goin' on.

If, however you turn the box just a bit and concentrate, you can clearly see him....


Breaking News!!!

I promised you more about the new girl at work, and I'm finally giving forth.

First, the basics:

  • Her preday, or 2nd interview. She showed up on time, and, I was told begged for a job.

  • Her 1st day: She showed up on time and eager to work. I noticed that she had a tendency to talk a lot, and dismissed it as nervousness.

  • Her 2nd day: She showed up late, and by observation, I was able to determine that she had just discovered that she was pregnant.

  • Her 3rd day: She 'forgot' that she was supposed to work.

  • Her 4th day: She called in sick

  • Her 5th day: A friend stopped in and picked up her first/final check

So, now the new girl at work is the doesn't work there anymore girl. It's kinda funny, really.

Only not so much.

Other than that, it's been pretty boring here in Cartoon City. My son's 21st bday (and the date of his arrival for celebration of same) is getting closer, as is my granny's 90th.

We'll be goin' to sis's Fri morning for The Great In '08 Pumkin Event, and will prolly be there that night as well for candy passing and the like.

See....y'all want me to post, but it's just boring when I do.

Buenos con queso,


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I had a title all picked out, but I can't use it now because it won't accurately describe how wierd my day has been.....


I think that's the longest title I've ever used.

Ok...where to start....

I guess I'll start with the spider at work.....

Sun Spider or Wind Scorpion or Camel Spider

Now, as I've mentioned I like spiders, but this guy even creeped me out a little.

I mean, what are those fucking things out front? At first, I thought this bastard had 10 legs. I've never seen anything like this shit.

Well, I had to know, so it was off to Google, where I find out it's called a camel spider. Well, whatever the fuck it is, I took this pic just after I got to work this morning, and it's been on my mind all day.

So, I come home, kick my shoes off...change out of my 'workies', and play a little EQ. I'm messing around, not really doing anything....I head downstairs to grab a beer (moosehead tonight thanks for asking) and tell/show Pops the spider.

I tell him the story I just told you, and head back upstairs. I wasn't at the keyboard for 2 minutes when Pops and D are yelling at me to come back....I run down, and I shit you not, there's a show on the History channel (monster hunter) and they're looking for mutherfuckkin' camel fucking spiders.



I swear, I don't know what freaks me out more, that fuckin' bug, or the way that shit like this happens to me all the fucking time.

Buenos con queso,


Monday, October 20, 2008

They cry in the dark so you can't see their tears....

I'm having trouble getting started today.

Not sure why that is really.

Maybe it's because I actually slept until my alarm woke me up.

I know, right?

What's even stranger is that makes 2 days in a row. It's kinda scary really. I mean, it's not like I've been trying to sleep late or anything.

I mean, really, how late is 7:00 am? For anybody?

In other news, yesterday was my Mom's birthday, so we did singing and (cup)cake(s) at sis's. My niece has become quite the baker. Those cupcakes were fucking awesome.

Happy birthday again, Mom.

I talked to Tammy yesterday too. I know I've told you about her. She's been my best friend for years now, and coincidentally enough, yesterday was her birthday too. We don't talk regularly, but I know if I needed to, any time, day or night I could call her.

I'm pretty sure she knows the same thing, that if she ever needs to talk, I'll be her ear. There's also a rumor that she might start reading here, so if you are, welcome, Tammy, and again, Happy Birthday.

Well, I can see from the clock on the wall (the corner of my screen actually) that it's time for me to finish getting ready for work, so I'll leave you to your own devices.

Buenos con queso,


Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've always got something to say, I just don't always know what to call it.....

In case you couldn't tell, I'm having problems coming up with a witty title. Some days it's like that.

It was a good day off, just so you know. I fucked the entire day away.

Well, I did manage to do some laundry done, but it's not like I had to work at it. The rest of the day was devoted to coffee, lounging around in my jammies, and playing video games.

Oh, and watched/listened to the 1st 8 episodes of X-Files while the above was going on.

It got to a point, however, when I felt the need to venture out of the house and get some excercise.

Well, not that I really thought about it as such, but it was a very grey and overcast day, but it was warm, and the light was very interesting, so I thought I'd try some pictures.

Below are the results:





The Grey Day:


Which way, USA?


High contrast:


Ok, so that's my day in photos.

Buenos con queso,


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And then I heard the words 'The chocolate vagina was the perfect gift.....'

That's where it kinda started to fall apart for me.

I suppose I should explain that.

Last night, I was watching 'The Girls Next Door,', which if you haven't seen it, chronicles the love life of Hugh Hefner, and his (currently) 3 hot, blonde, young girlfriends.

First and foremost, there's Holly Madison. I only started with her cause I think she's been there the longest, but really, I have no idea.

Then, there's Bridget Marquardt. I'm not really sure why Hef's hittin' this. I mean, she's kinda cute, but there's something wrong with the middle of her face. Also, she's kind of a ditz.

And not in a good way.

I mean, Holly's no rocket scientist, but at least she seems to have some smarts.

Far and away my favorite and (if the quiz on the site is right) the one I'd be able to nail is Kendra Wilkinson. (and a nsfw link herehere).

Again, Kendra's not the sharpest tool in the shed, and she's got a laugh/chuckle that gets old fast, but she's on the list, for sure.

Ok, so with that information out of the way, I can continue. I came into last night's episode (which was about hefs 82nd bday) just as they were showing the results of some chocolate molding.

They did Bridget's tits, Kendra's ass, and apparently (before i tuned in i think) Holly's 'lady parts.' I didn't find out about that until later. They were all giving Hef their gifts, and Holly was talking about how he's always ready to make a joke, especially about sexual things, and that's when she said 'the chocolate vagina was the perfect gift.'

Yeah, I said it again.

You should know by now that I have no shame.

Anyhow, just thought I'd share.

Buenos con queso,


p.s. new girl at work. more on that later. t

Monday, October 13, 2008

I've been remiss.....

But then, you know that.

I guess I could say I've been busy.

Cause I have. I mean, there's work, and that's like every day. Then, there's Assassin's Creed. I swapped my CoD4 for it.

Not permanently or anything. Once we've finised our respective games, we'll swap back.

Uhm....well, my back's kinda been out too. It's an on again, off again thing, so I never know how long I'll be able to sit upright without pain.....

Oh, and I went to see Santana this past Friday.

I didn't tell you? Oh, well you know D? My other roomie? Well, he's a server (which i think ive mentioned) and one of his regular customers tipped him with a pair of tix to the show.

He couldn't make it, so the aforementioned tix found their way into my posession. I went with D (a different one) and it was fucking awesome.

It made me nostalgic, as I remember seeing him play at Bill Graham's memorial show.

A quote from the article:
On November 3, 1991, a free concert called Laughter, Love and Music was held at Golden Gate Park to honour Graham....An estimated 300,000 people attended to view many of the entertainment acts Graham had supported including Santana, Grateful Dead, John Fogerty, Robin Williams, Journey, and a reunited Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

They failed to mention Bobby McFerrin, Tracy Chapman, and I'm thinking a couple more. My g/f at the time and I were on the lawn before the sun came up, waiting for the show to start.

The music started at 9am, and ended around 6pm. It still ranks as the second greatest concert experience of all time. Tied for 1st of course are all my Rush shows.

And it happened almost seventeen years ago.

What the fuck, over?

Buenos con queso,


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The truth is out there.....

And it isn't pretty.

No, actually, I just used that because I bought Season 1 of The X-files. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it.

I was resistant to the show when it first came out. Having cut my teeth on such shows as The FBI, and later all the 're-enactment' shows where they do cheesy versions of unsolved cases with bad actors, I thought it another show in the same vein.

One day, prolly somewhere about the time the 2nd or 3rd (maybe 4th) season was airing, I found a previously viewed VHS (remember those) in the bin for a mere $5.00, and I figured what the hell. I wouldn't have bought it even at that price, but for the fact that one of the girls I worked with raved about the show.

This tape sat unnoticed and unwatched in my collection for quite some time (a year maybe) before my girlfriend at the time and I decided to watch it.

The tape consisted of the episodes 'Pilot' and 'Deep Throat.' Well, as you might imagine Pilot was the pilot of the series. Shocking, no? Deep Throat, was of course, the 1st actual episode.

I was immdiately pleased that there wasn't a 'host' telling me what was in store for tonight's show.

As the credits rolled on Pilot, I sat there in a state of shock. This show was fucking awesome. The second episode was as good or better than the pilot. From that day on, I was hooked.

I started watching it every week, started looking for tapes of older name it, I was after it. I was an avid fan for several seasons, then life got in the way, as it will, and I stopped watching.

I think they changed the night it was on or something, either way, I just kinda left.

In retrospect, it's prolly a good thing that I didn't watch the 1st season when it aired, as it prolly wouldn't have made it as long as it did.

I'm not sure what prompted the purchase, but I'm sooooo loving it again. There were, of course, episodes that I never saw, and others that I missed like old friends. Both are currently the object of near-obsessive viewing at the mo, which explains my lack of.....

Well, anything.

Haven't been posting, haven't been playing eq.....or any other vid....just been veging and watching Mulder and Scully (you bet shes on the list) chase the unknown.

Ok, now I'm going to be late for work....

Buenos con queso,


Sunday, October 05, 2008

My tea is getting preachy.....

I'm not really much of a tea drinker. In fact, you could call me a less than casual tea drinker.

I have the occasional Nestea canned one, and sometimes will get an iced tea (flavored and hfcs laden) from the fountain at one of the ffj's, but actual brew-it-in-a-cup tea?

Yeah, not so much.

It's not that I don't like it, but rather that I just never think about it. Not to mention the fact that you have to have tea in order tea to make tea. So the other day (like months ago) I was reading something on some blog somewhere about someone drinking something called Kava tea.

I don't remember where I was, nor how I got there, but the descripion of the tea's effects intrigued me. I remember reading that it could be purchased at Whole Foods, and since we just had one open in Reno, I asked my sis to see if she could find me some.

She brings me a box of this,and I read the box.

Along with the warning:


'Not for use by persons under 18 years of age?' 'Excessive use...may impair your ability to operate a vehicle or heavy machinery!?!' This is sounding better and better....

And, of course the Yoga connection/explanation:


It sounded promising, so I opened the box and pulled out an envelope; tore it open. The aroma was amazing. Cinnamony and spicy and wonderful. I unwrapped the string and made a discovery...

They decided to put little yoga/buddhist sayings on the tea tags (is that what you call them), and I guess given the whole nature of the thing I'm ok with it, but when my tea tells me to:

Preachy 1

I think things are getting a little out of hand.....

Just thought I'd share.

Buenos con queso,


Thursday, October 02, 2008

More proof that I'm the Undisputed Lord and Master of The Universe.....

As if you needed any.

You may remember me bitching about the radio a while ago, and in that post I make reference to them banjaxing my fave station KOZZ, by fucking up the morning show.

Well, my friends, I'm happy to report that Rob, Arnie, and Dawn have been given the collective boot, and the boys (smith and mclain) are back.

It's awesome to have this kind of power.

Buenos con queso,