Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm getting tired of this shit.....

Ok, so as promised, here are shots from yesterday:

Well, last night, actually. Those are my footprints, in case you were wondering.

And this is what I got to walk to work in the day before yesterday:

And we're supposed to get snow for the next two days as well. I heard a rumor that it was Spring, but I've actually seen very little to indicate that I'm not being lied to.....

If any of you have any nice, sunny weather that you're not using, we could sure use some. If you ship it UPS Priority Overnight, or even Next Day Air, I'll gladly pay you the shipping.

As soon as I thaw out, that is.

Buenos con queso,


Thursday, March 24, 2011

This guy is off his fuckin' TREE!!

Two grand for a bug, and it doesn't have an engine?

I don't know what he's smokin', but I'll bet it isn't legal.

In case you're wondering I did get my new camera, and I can't believe how much I love it. There are a myriad of new features and all manner of foofoorah that I haven't really explored yet, but one thing that they did do, was a Godsend.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I like to take photos in the dark. Sometimes just in shadow, sometimes at night.....any chance I can get by moonlight....

Well, given the nature of that type of photography, it's tough to see the controls on your camera. I mean, am I in Program mode for a baseline exposure, or am I in Manual, adding light by the double?

I mean sure, you can carry a flashlight, or wear one of those dorky headlightbands (yes i do 2 in fact), but then there's something else to hold/juggle/keep track of...

This new baby tho?

Yeah, on the back screen (theyre calling it a monitor now) an animation of the mode dial (that looks exactly like the real one) lights up and rotates in real time, so you can always tell what mode you're in.

Now, I haven't really taken her out and put her through her paces, but I fully intend to very soon.

Ok, here's a non macro close up with my new cam. Just the stock lens, cropped for size but not dpi:


If it ever stops snowing (again this am have photos soon) I plan on going on a real walkabout for some wild art.

I guess that's about all I have to say for now....Oh, except for the fact that the game is coming along nicely.....

Buenos con queso,


Saturday, March 19, 2011

I've decided to start a paper and dice game....

Well, not like invent one, but you know, just run one.

For a number of reasons, I've decided to use the 1st edition AD & D ruleset. Well, as a guideline at least. I plan to simplify some things and just generally make it more fun to play.

It's been forever since I've run (or even played in) a paper and dice campaign, so I'm planning on doing some things to spice up the gameplay, in hopes of sparking interest, and providing a more interactive experience.

In that vein, I've been thinking about scale model props and such. While in this frame of mind, I was stripping motherboards for processors and heat sinks when I found something remarkable:

Now, to me, this looks very much like some ornate Edwardian era table leg. That it should be in a computer seems slightly incongruous (boy does thatword look wrong), and the function it performed was very unique.

It was holding a processor board to a very low tech heat sink:

See that thin, flimsy aluminium stuff? Yeah, that was folded and glued to the piece in the back, and the whole thing was held to the processor by 2 of the plastic 'legs' from the first picture. I figured since the legs were coming from the computer that I should try and see what other props I could fashion from computer parts.

So far, all I've really made is the table top:

In case you can't tell, that's the 'heat sink' flattened out and painted. I did make a border of wooden dowels cut to size, but mostly this table will be constructed from a computer heat sink.

Which is cool, right?

I have grand plans to make more props for the game, and I'll keep you posted on that (if any of you care) so you can see my unparalleled crafting skillz.

On a completely unrelated note, Michael and I had a scheduled a photo walk, but as the weather was snowy here, and I didn't want to get my gear wet, I opted for inside photos to his outside ones.

As usually happens when I'm shooting indoors, I started playing with macro.

We exchanged gps numbers, and as you can see, I really need to invest in a carry around notebook:

I haven't really played with all the images I made yesterday, but I do have a couple to share with you. The 3 I'm going to share all started with the same image, and then I did some tweaking with the levels. And before you ask, yes, I really can stack 3 dice like that. No glue, no tricks, just a steady hand.

Ok, that's all for now.

Expect a big update and prolly tons of photos when my new camera arrives.

Buenos con queso,


The road to Hell is paved with easy monthly payments......

Some of you may remember when I got a Dell account, and that at that time, I bought the laptop I'm currently blogging on. Since then, I have made prompt and diligent payments, and then the other day, I noticed something....

I looked at the credit limit (a paltry 1k when i got it) and saw a staggering number. Total credit, $3100.00.

I nearly shit myself.

Visions of bad ass computers/peripherals/tvs/techwhorry goodness.....

But, the interest rate on the card is pretty steep, so I try not to use it too much. After some discussion with Pops, however, I submitted an order today.

No, not a top of the line computer.

Likewise, not a 60" HDTV (tho they sell them).

No, they had the Nikon D3100 for the very attractive price of $599. I prolly shouldn't have, but I did....

I ordered that bad boy.

I can hardly wait to take it out and play with it.....

I'll keep y'all posted.

Buenos con queso,


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do you ever read the personal ads?

I do, but mostly as a joke.....

I mean, do you really want to search for true love in the same venue where people are giving away used cooking oil, broken stuff, and furniture that I wouldn't let dogs sleep on?

Don't get me wrong, there are some ok deals on there too. I've seen what can be collected with just a small amount of effort. There are things that worry me tho, like the spelling and stuff.....

You all know what a grammar Nazi I am.

Take this, for example:

Now, that's prolly a pretty good pet, and if I had the room, and well, the responsibility, I'd prolly have a dog like this, and in a perfect world, I might have helped this woman out.

That's the kind of thing I expect on the internet, so, I can live with it.

Then we have things like:

I have a word of advice for you. If you ever see the words 'perfect for burning man' in a description of anything, run fast the other way. The dead giveaway? No picture. Hear those sirens?

I can't think of a single time I've seen those words in an ad and even been remotely interested in anything that was proffered.

Ok, now a disclaimer:

What follows from this point forward may offend some of you. If you get offended easily, I suggest you don't read any further.

Unless you want to be offended.

In that case, go right ahead.

What we are about to experience is sexual in nature, and as it was researched on the internet, where truly any perversion can be extensively catered to, you might even say that it's explicit pornography.

That's not for me to judge. What follows are actual screen captures from free personal ads.

Last Chance.....


I thought I'd have something to say in comment to this, but....I got nothin'.

Except of course, to restate an earlier observation: Beware the 'no picture' ad.

Although, pictures don't always help:

My favorite part? 'I'm looking for help in return.' That means she wants to get paid for sex. Does she not know we have legalized prostitution in Nevada?

Not that I've ever gone to the ranch and bought any. I have gone out for drinks tho. It's just one of those things you have to do at least once in your life if you live here.

Now for the grand prize winner....:

I mean, you have to hand it to her. She knows what she wants*, and she's not afraid to ask for it, but still.....

Makes me wonder, you know?

Buenos con queso,


* I sent her a link to this ad:

(not really)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wait a it starve a cold, feed a fever?...

Hell, I don't know, but I can tell you this:

I've been sicker that I care to talk about for like 4 days now.

I sit here now, drinking tea (kava if you want to know) and hoping that this *yuck* will just let me go, and it occurs to me that I once saw a horse kill a clown.....

Sorry, that wass t.v. intruding.....

Nighters (and dont get sick)

Buenos con queso,