Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ah, Venice.....

Not that I've ever been, mind you.

I'm watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and that line crops up in the movie a couple times.

Contrary to movie trilogies, I actually like this one. The first one, of course, is a classic. The second one kinda sucked. I think they blew it by putting too much action into the 1st 15 minutes or so, and then the next hour or so is just slooooooow story telling.

And then, the 3rd one. It rocks. Well paced, good story, funny in the right places. A true gem.

Most movie properties, by the time they reach the 3 movie, or heaven forbid the 6th or 7th, have lost much of their original appeal.

Die Hard is another one that I like. 1st movie, again a classic. 2nd one kinda sucked. 3rd another fantistic flick. I have yet to see the 4th one, so I must reserve judgement on that.

I have high hopes for the 4th Indy movie (currently in the works), but we'll see. Karen Allen will reprise her role, and brings with her Indy's 21-year-old son, played by Shia LaBeouf

By all accounts, it should be a good film, but time will tell.

I've got some good pix lined up for Thursday, so stay tuned.

Buenos con queso,


Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm stuck.....

Been sitting here for 10 mins or so trying to figure out what to write.

Yeah.....I got nuthin'.

I'll try again later.....

Buenos con queso,


Sunday, July 29, 2007

When did poker becore a sport?

I mean fucking really.

It seems like any given day, while flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch, depending on the time, I can usually find 2 or 3 'World Poker Championship' matches.

In fact, ESPN 2 often runs them.

That's what kills me. News flash people: Cardgames are not a fucking sport. Not by a long bight. Hell, in most states, gambling, even in your own home, is illegal.

Even the ones brought to you live from Vegas are a waste of wavelengths. You've got 5 slothful chunks of human flesh ranged around a table playing cards. Where's the sport? Most of them prolly can't make it to the fridge without getting out of breath, let alone sustain any moderate level of physical activity.

And another thing: If they're so 'good' at playing, why do all of them wear fucking sunglasses during the game? If you're such a good player, you should have a real poker face, not one made passable by wearing your shades inside while playing a fucking card came.

I've had enough of it. I mean, what's next? The world Yachtzee tour? The rocking chair olympics?

C'mon people, let's send a message. They'll only air this crap as long as people watch it.

Well, in theory. I mean, all those piece of shit reality shows are still on.

But then, I guess people are still watching them. God knows why.

I'll leave you with this question:
Is this what we've been reduced to?

Siesta con agua,


Saturday, July 28, 2007

OMFG!!!! I LMFAO.....

At the movies yesterday.

We got kind of a slow start on the day and so ended up going to a later show. It started at 5:00 pm (but was still at the $5.50 matinee price), and I was surprised that the theatre was only about 1/3 full.

Of course, it is Carson City, and we're not all that populated, but I did expect more people. Of course, it's entirely possible that they were all at the earlier shows. If so, so much the better that we were on the late track.

I have to say, I was a bit pissed at the start: Instead of showing 8-9 trailers (which I love) they showed like 3 trailers, and 4 or 5 commercials!!!

Yeah, that's right fucking COMMERCIALS!!!

And not even good ones. I've managed to block out what they were through sheer willpower, but I was fucking livid.

I get enough commericals on tv. Which I usually mute anyhow. I don't like most of them. What pisses me off, is that there are some good ones, which you get to see like once, and then never again. What pisses me off even more is that making good/funny commercials can't be that hard.

I've come up with a few myself. If only I had the facilities, I'd hire myself out and make ads that would not only make folks laugh/think, but also make mountains of money for the companies I represented.

In that vein, I am now accepting donations for The Better Commercial Charity Fund.

If you need the address to send me used computer gear/tax deductible donations, drop me a line for the official website.

Siesta sin pantalones,


Friday, July 27, 2007

Today is the day.....

I'm not sure which show we'll be attending, but we're going to a matinee of The Simpsons movie today.

What can I say, I'm stoked. I've been waiting for this for years. I can't believe they've taken so long to make this.

Like 15 yrs or so.

I've got some other things on my mind, and a couple other photos to post, but that'll have to wait.

I'm kinda distracted right now, as you might imagine.

Maybe I'll post later....maybe tomorrow....

Buenos con queso,


Thursday, July 26, 2007

We've decided that We totally love Sarah Silverman...

We've also decided that We shall be referring to Ourselves with the royal 'We' today.

We don't know why We've chosen to do this, but for the remainder of this post expect that from Us.

We have a few pictures for you today, so please enjoy:

This is Our buddy's J's plate. He's only missing one letter...

Local fauna...


Can you read?...

A nice purple flower:

And the last one....Well, We have strong opinions about pets and the inordinate amount of money that people spend on them. Thousands of products pander to the gullible, convincing them that we need things like this...

Well, that's your photo Thursday. We hope you enjoyed it.

Buenos con queso,


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay.....

What the fuck are you thinking?

Didn't you learn (just a while ago) that driving under the influence is against the law?

Not to mention holding cocaine?

I was watching CNN (again) and I guess one of the charges on her latest arrest is also driving on a suspended license.

That's the charge that ultimately sent Paris to the joint (not the happy kind), and one wonders if Little Lindsay is headed that way too.

Then there's Michael Vick.

Indicted, and we can hope charged, tried, and convicted for the fucking dog fighting business he is allegedly tied up in. I'm not a big pet person, never really have been. I have a hard enough time making sure I'm fed and taken care of, and I think it would be cruel in the extreme to make another living thing rely on me for their sustenance and care, but by the same token, I'd never treat an animal like that.

Not only the fighting, but the losers are put to death. Hung, poisoned, or simply slammed to the ground, the weak are eliminated. I'm down with the whole 'survival of the fittest' thing ala Darwin, but that's fucking ridiculous.

How can rich people be so fucking bored? I can assure you, if I had even a fraction of either of their money, I'd never be heard from again. I'd hire a driver (take note Lindsay), buy a motorhome, and just travel around, drinking, fishing, and generally having a good time.

I'm easy like that.

In other news: No rain. That's right, our promised (yeah right) storms did not materialize. So, yeah, it's still fucking hot and muggy here. We can hope that the storms come today, but I'm not holding my breath.

I went photo-walking yesterday, so look for pix for Photo Thursday tomorrow. On Friday, I'm happy to say, I'll be going to see The Simpsons. I can't wait. It sooooo took them long enough to finally make this movie.

Ok, enough blather from me.

Pulpo ranchero,


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Relief from the heat?

There's a chance (50% if you believe the news) of thunder showers today, so I've got my fingers crossed. Not only for the cool-down that they can bring, but also because I'm looking forward to trying to capture some lightning with my new camera.

I've made a bit of a study of lightning. Well, when I can that is. The hardest part is getting the storms to cooperate. For optimum picture taking, the storm has to arrive at night, AND I have to be not at work.

Well, I've got the not at work part going for me today, so I'm praying for rain.

Your good wishes will be a great help too, so send out some vibes.

Ok, gonna go watch Bring It On.

The first one, just so you know. I love that movie. And not just because you get to see Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku in cheerleading outfits.

Siesta con auga,


Monday, July 23, 2007


I think that's a new record

My sis delivered me a copy of Harry Potter #7 on the 21st at about 3 or 4 pm.

I finished it last night around 1:30 am or so this morning. Can you guess what I did yesterday?

I don't know if any of you have read it yet (or are reading it), so I won't do any spoiler stuff. The title pretty much sums up my feelings about it anyhow. A lot happens in the book, and she does a good job of tying up loose ends and answering questions.

There are a couple surprises, and, as always great writing.

Now it's time to start my second, more leisurely read.

Buenos con queso,


Sunday, July 22, 2007

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming.....

For this important message:

My sister bought me a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

As you might imagine, it's consuming all of my free time right now, and will for the next day or so.

I'll try to break away and say 'hi', but no promises.

Buenos con queso,


Saturday, July 21, 2007

It happened again.....

And after I told myself not to let it.

I missed making a big deal about my blogaversary. It was on the 9th of this month, and marked the 3rd year I've been boring you all with the trivialities of my daily life.

Oh well, happy blogaversary to me.

In other news, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows dropped at midnight last night/this morning. I, of course, have no money to buy it right now. My sister's got a pre-ordered copy tho, and she's going to let me read it first, cause she knows I read faster than her.

I'm sure I'll be through it in a couple days. Especially as I'm not working at the mo. There will be very little to keep me away from the reading.

What about y'all? Have you/do you read the Potter novels?

Buenos con queso,


Friday, July 20, 2007

Would someone slap me please?

Yeah, right there, on my left shoulder blade.

No, I've not suddenly become a masochist or anything, but that's the recommended (and only) way to stop a tat from itching without scratching it.

Scratching a healing tat = bad.

Unless you want to scratch the ink out, of course, which I don't. I swear, the itching is worse than the actual needle work.

I'm at the 'put lotion on it all the time' stage, and that sometimes helps with the itching, but not always. And it's that 'healing wound' itch that I'm sure you all are familiar with.

If it were somewhere else, it wouldn't be so bad. I can kinda slap it, but the mechanics are somewhat complicated, and I can't get a real good swing at it.

I borrowed D's copy of Resistance: Fall of Man, which is a cool FPS for the PS3, and I've been playing the shit out of it. I kinda miss the vibrating controller (discontinued with the new wireless controllers) but oh well. I seem to miss it more with shooting games, tho driving games suffer as well.

I didn't want this one to be too small, so we'll use a link: More Squigles

Ok, guess that's all I have for now.

Pulpo ranchero,


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Photo Thursday.....

Since I have the new camera at my disposal, I've decided to do a photo post. I'm going to shoot for once a week, but we'll see.

Now THAT's what I call a garage sale:

This was made by using a long shutter speed in a moving vehicle....No, I wasn't driving:

I'll bet you could get this car real cheap:

Another sunset. Of course, since I have the new cam, the sunsets have been a little lame compared to what they usually are. They'll get better, I promise:

This last photo you'll have to click on to get the full effect. As you may know, I have a stat tracker on my site (who doesnt) and I check the stats almost daily. I'm not such an egoist that I need to know how many folks are hitting me up (like both of you) but it's fun to find out where the come from.

Yesterday I found the best hit ever:

That cracked me up. Ok, that's your slice of Carson City for the day.

Buenos con queso,


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's Tom Petty all over again.....

I applied for unemployment yesterday.

Here in NV, we do it by phone, which is nice. No waiting in line, no driving across town in the sweltering heat, just pushing a few buttons on the ol' dial.

Now I have to wait for my phone interview with by adjudicator. I should be receiving a notice in the mail in the next couple days letting me know the time/date of my phone call.

I hate waiting on things like that.

I also get to file by phone, and will be doing so on Sunday. It's pretty cool that it's that automated. I've only ever collected it once before, and that was like 10 yrs ago.

What about you? Ever had to file? Is it phone-easy, or did you have to go in?

Let me know.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Is it winter yet?

I know I bitch about the cold, snow, and just generally crappy weather we have in the winter, but at least I can fucking sleep.

It seems like I'm waking up every couple hours (maybe less) drenched in sweat.


I have to find a dry spot on my pillow before I can go back to sleep, which takes quite a while, as I'm so fucking hot that I can't even get comfortable.

It's miserable.

I hope you like the new photo.....I took it last night.

My brain is still half asleep, so I'll leave you for now.

Fiesta con fuego,


Monday, July 16, 2007

Job hunting.....

What can I say, I'm stoked.

Only not so much.

I hate looking for a job. It's just yucky.

I don't have any words of wisdom today, just a couple pix.

This is a Gerber daisy:

And this is obviously a sunset. It had a lot of potential, but kinda lamed out before it got really spectacular, but here it is anyhow:

Ok, time to get ready and go job hunting.

Buenos con queso,


Sunday, July 15, 2007

I think I'm getting used to it.....

Or maybe it was just cause I was so stoked to get this particular tat, but I barely felt it.

There were a couple times where I felt chills, not only down my left arm, but all the way down my left leg as well, but beyond that, there was very little pain.

I suppose that's a good thing.

Tho it could be bad. The only moderating factor to tattooing (besides the money of course) is the 'how much pain can I take' thing. Based on Thursday's visit, it seems I can take a bit.

I talked to Mark, and he quoted me a price for my (possibly) next one. It's going to be either my snake (born year of the snake), or my Hitchhiker's Guide tat.

The snake will be a coral snake, with it's tail on the top of my foot, wrapping up my calf twice, with it's fangs sunk into the middle of my calf.

The Hitchhikers's one is much eaiser. Simply the workds 'Don't Panic' down the backs of my arms. Don't on the left, Panic on the right.

That would prolly be the more affordable of the 2. He quoted me 250-300 for the snake. They'll both have to wait tho.

Not only do I still need to find a job, but I've got Dland in less than 2 mos.



Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good morning, and welcome.....

I'm kinda stuck for something to say today, so I'm going to post a couple pictures.

One is in the series of the 'my the criminals are getting young' the other is just funny.

What were they thinking:

And now, for a chuckle....:

No, it's not really panda flavored. It's actually Panda Brand Oyster Flavored Sauce, but I couldn't help myself.

Well, off to the store for some stamps.

I'll be lugging the new camera, so there may be some photos later.

Auga con carne,


Friday, July 13, 2007

Now the fun begins.....

The one thing about getting a tattoo that I find most inconvenient is the first 3 days or so. 3 times a day, you have to wash it and then apply an antibacterial ointment (im using a & d) to insure that it doesn't get infected.

I mean, it is an open wound.

At the best of times, this is a pain in the ass. When the tat is on your shoulder (my fault i know) it's like trying to walk on marbles.

Well, maybe not that tough, but it's truly difficult.

In other news, I went and saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I'm not going to spoil it by going into too much detail, as I know at least one of you is following the books/movies, but sigh.

I have to say that while there were some great moments in the movie, and the effects were awesome, that overall, there was a lot of disappointment for me.

I know it's a long book, and that there is some stuff that needs to be edited so that the movie won't be 5 hours long, but for the love of mike, you think they'd at least read the book before making the movie.

What I don't get is this: When they made the Lord of the Rings movies (butchered in my humble opinion) J. R. R. Tolkien could not protest, as he was dead.

J. K. Rowling? Yeah, pretty sure she's still with us, as she's still writing the fucking books. Why does she let them do this to her stuff? I find it disturbing on several levels.

Ok, guess I'm out for now.

Buenos con queso,


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Didja ever have one of those days....

Where you just get to spend way too much money?

Well, I had one today.

If you read here at all, you'll know that I got my tat done today. Submitted for evidence:

After which, and with Pops's ok, I went ahead and bought my new camera:

As you can see, it's a digital SLR, and I already looooove it. The image is 6.2 megapixels, and all my other lenses will fit right on this bad boy.

I'm so stoked, I can hardly contain myself. Look for a slew of pictures in the near future. All the kinds of things I could never shoot with my craptacular Kodak Easy Share.

Buenos con queso,


I can feel it already.....

Come noon, the needles begin thier work.

I'm so stoked I can hardly stand it. Look for an update later with a pic (maybe 2) of the new art.

In other news, it looks like I may be able to get my camera after all.....Again, look for an update later....


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's not like I can't use the time off.....

But couldn't they have waited a week?

The worst part of this for me is that I won't be able to get my new camera now.

In fact, I now have no idea when I'll be able to get it.

I'm still getting my tat tho. That's bought and paid for.

I don't know what I want to do for work now.

Any ideas?

This one is lame and short, but I'm still kinda in shock.

Buenos con queso,


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An unexpected turn of events.....

As you may have noticed by the fact that I'm posting for a second time today.

Well, just in case you're wondering why I'm not at work, it's because when I went in today, they fired me.

Yeah, you heard me right.

They fired me.

Just like that.

Well, I'm a little drunk (can you blame me) and I don't really have much else to say, so night for now.....

Fuck you all,


Two days and counting.....

Well, 3 if you count today, which I don't. Two days and then ink.

As you might be able to tell, I'm quite excited to get it.

It's still monster hot, tho a mere 88 degrees right now (8:18 am) it's a sweaty sticky mess around here.

I wish I had some great news to share, or some words of wisdom for you to ponder, but this morning, I got nuthin'.

Buenos con queso,


Monday, July 09, 2007

It's sooooo fucking hot!!!

I'm dying here.

I've been sweating like a pig all fucking day, and it's still 9 fucking 4 degrees in my room.

Which, I might add is upstairs.

Yeah, it's a fucking oven up here.

I hope it manages to cool down before I have to go to bed, otherwise I'll never be able to sleep.

This is lame, I know it, but it's just too hot to think.

The Wedding Singer is on as I write this, and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It's one of those funny, sad, happy ending stories.

Not always what I'm in the mood for, but it's really funny when it's funny.

Now it's time for 2 and a Half Men, another good one. Tho it's a t.v. show, it's still a good watch.

Ok, gonna grab a fucking beer and see if that helps cool me down at all.

Buenos con queso,


Sunday, July 08, 2007

A good jumping off point.....

I'm pretty stoked. I stopped by and talked to Mark yesterday, and he showed me this:

He was with a client, so we didn't really get to discuss the specifics, but I think it's going to be a rockin' tat when all is said and done. I go under the needle Thursday the 12th at noon.

Y'all'll have to wait until Friday for a pic tho.

Well, maybe if you all behave I might log on Thurs after work and post the final product. We'll see.

And since I've been going there every day now, here's your daily dose of CNN.

I'm off today.

Can you believe it? I'm also scheduled off tomorrow, but I'm still not gonna answer my phone. I'm just superstitious that way.

One more thing of note before I go: In a surprising turn of events, I actually slept in today.

And I mean really slept in. I woke early, and heard Pops making coffee. I thought I'll just lay here until the coffee is done (my pot has an audible alert which is nice) and then I'll get up.

I decided that the coffee must be ready, got up, looked at the clock, and it was fucking 9:00 am.

Man, I can't remember the last time I slept that late. It was great.

Well, off to read some blogs.

Buenos con queso,


Saturday, July 07, 2007

What the fuck?

Blogger won't let me title this post. I can't click in the box to type the title.


I've been watching the news lately when I blog as there's nothing else on when I get up and do this. Unless I want to watch the 'program length advertisements' for the Showtime Rotisserie Grill, or some 'how I made a million' method that some huckster is trying to con people with.

I've also been hitting up CNN.com, as you may have noticed by my links.

Here's another one: You're kidding me, right?

Oh, and by the way, it's still fucking hot. It's only 88 degrees now (at 7:06), but it's supposed to be over 100 before day is done.

In other news, I'm going to go meet with Mark today to see his vision for my tat. If I have the time I'll post it later, as I plan on taking a pic of it. Worst case scenario, I'll post a pic of it on Thursday (when i get it), or Friday.

Ok, time to make some coffee.

Buenos con queso,


Friday, July 06, 2007

I don't know if you've heard.....

But we out west are having a heat wave. I'm not sure exactly how hot it's been during the day, as I'm in an air conditioned room when at work, but right now, at 9:05, it's 90.5 in my room.

Kinda funny that when I looked at the clock, the time matched the temp. Needless to say, trying to sleep in this heat is like trying to outrun the cops i.e. mostly useless.

I bring the 'running from the cops' reference up, because as I type this, there is a suspected dui woman trying to get away from the cops down in the L.A. area. I really don't know what prompts people to try that shit. She's got approximately 11 units behind her, and at least 1 news helicopter follwing her every move. Even if you take the chopper out of the mix, you know they've run her plate, and know who she is and where she lives.

Does she think that it'll all go away if she just keeps driving? As near as I can tell, they're waiting for her to run out of gas. At least that's how it looks. It's what they call a 'slow speed chase,' made famous with O.J. and his Bronco.

She's now been running for miles, and I just can't fathom why. Does she think she can outrun the radio? Word of advice to you all: You can't.

I don't know, maybe she's just crazy from the heat.

Buenos con queso,


Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'll bet you were all expecting fireworks pictures.....

Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I was working last night. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I got my break at 9, and I could eaisly have gone downstairs and had a perfect view of the festivities. It's just not the same without a beer in one hand, and a charred to the point of blackend hotdog (my fave) in the other.

Besides, the 'show' lasted approximately 15 minutes.

That's right, 15 minutes.

Pretty lame for the state capital, no? According to Pops (who did attend) it was even worse than last year, which would not be easy to do. I'm not sure how much they spend on fireworks for Carson, but it's not enough.

The real shows in the area happen in Reno, 30 miles away, and Tahoe (about the same). I went to the Reno show once back in the day (was still in high school), and I seem to remember it being pretty cool. Course that was 20 plus years ago, and there's been a lot of beer between then and now.

In a shameless attemt to solicit comments, I will now ask you all how your 4th was. Please leave a note and tell me what you did.

Buenos con queso,


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Freedom is good......

I'll be the first to admit that there is plenty wrong with this country, and with the way we do things, but we also have freedoms that others can only dream of.

Now don't worry, this isn't going to be some rambling diatribe about whether or not we should be fighting the war we are, or all the things wrong in other countries, I just thought that on this, the anniversary of the treason that made us free, I'd give a nod to our founding fathers:

They were fed up with being treated like shit, and they did something about it. I'm sure they had no idea how convoluted their document would become, nor how many people would use it as a shield to commit unspeakable acts. In their defense, at the beginning, they had no idea that the government they'd established would last so long.

Now, granted in the universal timeline, 200+ years is nothing, but if they hadn't stood up and given England the bird, where would we be?

Anyhow, just thought I'd share that.

I was going to close with some profound quote from one of the boys, but can't find one I like.

Buenos con queso,


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The hunt begins anew.....

Something that I forgot to mention about my recent trip to the golf course:

I lost my sunglasses.

Far from being a unique thing, it is pretty much (please excuse the obvious reference) par for the course. I have horrible karma with sunglasses, as you may remember. This particular pair has been with me for quite a while tho. 4, maybe 5 years. I'm not sure really.

I had been wearing them while we golfed, but the curvature of the lenses was causing me some depth perception/forshortening problems, so I took them off and hung them on the back of my collar, ala Val Kilmer in Real Genius (great movie btw).

Sometime shortly after that, we came to a hole where the sun became an issue, and I reached back for them, only to find them gone. While unfortunate, it is not traumatic. I think I paid 7 or 8 dollars for them.

Maybe less.

With a nod towards the gods, I never spend more than 10 bucks on a pair anymore. I know I'm going to lose them, so I figure why bother? I'll prolly run through 3 or 4 pairs now, as I try to locate a pair that will stay with me.

Oh well, at least golf was fun.....

Pulpo ranchero,


Monday, July 02, 2007

I got a bit of sun yesterday.....

Ok here's the photos I promised you:

Another one:

Revered by golfers the world over:

The cart girl. Bringing joy and beer to the game.

Here's one of Pops:

When I get my new camera, the pix will be better, I promise. That's all I have for today as I have other stuff to do.

I'm going to Reno with my sis, and have to pick up and cash my paycheck.

Have fun.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

It was a bloggerific day

It's going to be a short post today, as I'm totally wiped out.

D had some free golf passes, you see.

We were out on the links early

Yeah, I mean 7:15 early. It was a good day, and I played better than I expected, having not played much in the last year or so, (this was the first time this season) and I have a couple pix from the day.

I'm going to post them tomorrow tho, cause as I said, I'm crashing soon.

I'm sure I'll be up at like 3 am for an hour or so but I'm bushed.

Buenos con queso,