Thursday, February 22, 2007

That which we call a rose...

By any other name would still be just another flower that when cut from it's native bush will wither and die.

I know rather a bright start to it, huh?

So, a couple things:

1. Michael has arrived, and yes Andie it's for good.

2. It never even dawned on me that my last post on 1/12 was acutally on my birthday (yay 41... not)

3. Pops' birthday was a scant 10 days ago, on 2/12. 67 years young, the poor bastard.

Today, being my day off the plan is to go fishing. Of course, it's dawned windy, chilly, and threatining snow. You might think that would discourage us, but if you did, you'd be wrong.

Dead wrong. See, I hit a 6-spot at the Pinon...Well, it got bought, so it's the Gold Dust West now, and since the casino was nice enough to buy my fishing gear ($80.00 bucks on a 1 nickle bet) we're fucking going.

We may get out there, spend 5 miserable minutes at the lake and then head home, but, damn it, we're fucking going. See, I went to Wal-Mart after work last night and bought a couple poles, some tackle, bait and a tackle box. This is all going to be broken in today, and fuck the weather gods.

Not much else exciting, but look for some photos later....