Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's not you, it's me....

I know you have prolly heard those words before, wether from someone that was breaking up with you, or on some t.v. program or movie where someone was. Either way, it's true today.

There has been a lot going on:

The fishing trip I spoke of when last we chatted did in fact get snowed out. It took two weeks for things to calm down, but we did in fact get to go. In toto we caught 7 fish. I had 2 (and the first), Pops had 2 (and the biggest) and Michael had 3 (the most). As the traditional bet is : first, biggest, most we broke even.

This next bit goes back a bit, but one of the girls I work with was killed in a car accident just over a month ago. Two days after my last post, to be precise. She was driving home when a drunk driver crossed into her lane and hit her head on at an estimated 120 mph. She was killed instantly. She would have been 23 in October. She left behind, among others, her 4-year-old son. She was 5 minutes from home when she died.

Now, about 4 days ago, we learned that Pop's brother, my Uncle Pat just died. I don't really have any details on that on yet, but rest assured, I shall share them when I do. We're going to CA for the funeral. I took a couple vacation days, and will have 4 off in a row. Almost unheard of. I intend to take pics on the run to Cali, and will post them along with some others when I return.

All this death and destruction has prompted me to get a tatoo. Not too long ago, the phrase 'death was in his left hand, and pain his right' popped into my head, and as I writer, I found it quite intriguing. I was planning on using it in a story about some sort of avenging hero or somesuch. Close on the heels of the phrase came the idea that he would have kanji tattooed on his forearms i.e. death on his left, and pain on his right. Hot on the heels of that idea was that I should have similar tatoos, so this Sunday last, 3/25 at 5:00 pm, I had death placed on my left forearm.

It's pretty cool looking, and will be one of the forthcoming pictures.

Wish I had more happiness to spread around, but for now, that's all I have.

Take care, and tell the people you love that you love them. You never know when it will be the last time.