Sunday, November 30, 2008

Michael left yesterday...

He got home safe and everything, so all is good.

It should be eaiser for me to find time to blog now, as I'm back to my dull, dreary existence.

Or something like that.

There hasn't really been much going on that I would consider blogworthy anyhow.

I'd stay and chat more, but all of a sudden, I've got a monster fucking headache.

I'm going to take something for it and lay my bones down

Buenos con queso,


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friday in the middle of the week....

That's what I've got today.

I don't know if I mentioned it last year or not, but the store's closed on Thanksgiving, and with it being on a Thursday, not only is today my Friday, but I also get a 3 day weekend.

That's pretty rockin' right there.

There's a chance that we'll go out to breakfast in the morning, but I guess it really depends on how much stuff needs to get done tomorrow.

Dinner will be at sis's, of course, but Poppa is doing the cooking (well the bird and gravy at least not sure what else), and he makes a mean turkey.

It should be a good day, and I'm looking forward to it.

What about the rest of you?

What are your plans?

Buenos con queso,


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yeah, and if your son was visiting, I bet you'd miss some blogs too.....

Which is really no excuse, but it sounded good.

It's been a good visit so far. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, as he's never celebrated it with this side of the family.

Distance does that.

Oh, and I witnessed an accident on my way home last night.

It wasn't a very bad one (from what i could tell), and I didn't stop, but it happened because some dumbass got impatient.

You see, there was a semi (or tractor trailer or big rig or whatever you call it where you live) in a left-hand turn lane with his right blinker on. I'm not sure if he changed his mind about turning, or if he just realized that he didn't want to turn where he was, but I saw his blinker, and stopped far enough behind him so that he had room to move into my lane.

I even flashed my lights to let him know I was letting him in.

So, the left hand arrow turned green, allowing folks in the turn lanes to go. The truck, obviouly, had to wait for the through traffic light, and this seemed to cause the driver behind him some consternation. He swerved to his left to go around the truck....right into the other left-hand turn lane, and right into another vehicle, which smacked his truck back across the line and into the back of the rig.

All this because he (or she) was too impatient to wait for the truck to get out of his (or her) way.

People just amaze me.

Buenos con queso,


Sunday, November 23, 2008

I don't believe it.....

The Raiders acually won a game.

I totally expected them to lose. Well, I was actually thinking that they prolly wouldn't win another game this season, so imagine my surprise when they actually handed a defeat to Denver, of all things.

Not that I know what Denver's record is, but I know that they've beaten my boys quite a bit lately.

I'm flabbergasted.

Right now, Michael and I are watching Serenity. Well, in all honesty, we're watching Firefly, the series that they cancelled that the movie was based on.....

So, that's what I'm going to do.

Buenos con queso,


Saturday, November 22, 2008

So in case you didn't know already, I suck.....

Yeah, I totally missed a coutple days.

I have my reasons.

In case you missed it, Michael is here for his birthday.

We got a bit of a later start than we'd intended, but it was great fun walking to the Sak-n-Sav at 6am to buy makings for White Russians.

A meal, and a short nap later, and the 3 of us, Pops, Michael, and I went over to the Gold Dust West, and played a little keno.

I managed to win a couple bucks, and we got some free drinks, so all was good.

Later, Michael and I went into Reno, to L's house. We had a pretty rad time over there. We hung out, walked to another grocery store, and bought some stuff to make drinks. We did NOT, however, buy this:

Multimedia message

We ended up just hanging out at L's last night, even tho we'd had wild plans earlier in the day. L, being the doll that she is, even let us crash at her place...Thanks so much, L, that rocked!!

We woke up fairly early this am, and puttered around Reno for a while. We hit the Circus Circus, the mall, and the Atlantis. All in all, it was a pretty relaxed day.

In case you can't tell, I'm home. We're watching 'The Big Lebowski,' and I think I'm going to go pay attenetion now.

Buenos con queso,


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I got a phone call from a vampire tonight....

And then I got another one.

The first caller had a plesant female voice.

The second, a less-plesant, male voice.

Being what they are, they both wanted the same thing, namely, blood.

I explained to the first one that I really don't have any free time in the next few days, and asked her to call me back on Tuesday...

Despite my saying this, she kept prodding me until I was forced to explain in detail my plans for the next 3 days, and why it was impossible for me to see her until at least Tuesday.

Finally, she capitulated, and promised to call me back.

Not 5 minutes later, my phone rang again.

I was able to cut 'Carlos' off quickly enough, and then I explained to him that I had just gotten off the phone with one of his coven, and had scheduled a call for 5 days hence.

I got him off the phone in record time, with his promise to 'take care of it.'

All this because I'm O-.

I mean, I don't mind giving blood, in fact, it actually makes me feel good.

What bothers me is how relentless they are. That voice on the line says 'United Blood Services,' and I know I'm not getting off the phone without setting an appointment. They just won't stop with me.

I mean, I know my blood type is rare in the U.S.--6.5-7% of the population--, and I know why you need it (in case you dont im a universal donor anyone can safely be given o- blood), but for the love of Mike, if I tell you I'm too busy, and can't do it for a couple days, take the fucking hint and tell me you'll call back.

Thanks mom and dad...and whomever else, I guess.

Buenos con queso,


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blindsided by the Baseball of Destiny.....

Yeah, so I totally blew it (thanks for noticing kat) and missed my post for yesterday. It kinda sucks, cause I was thinking all day long about another post to use from my recent walk.

See, I'm one of those guys. I pick stuff up. All kinds of stuff. In fact, I'm working on a post of 'things I found on the ground.'

Anyhow, I was thining about something I found and claimed as my own. I'm calling it the Baseball of Destiny:

The Baseball of Destiny

The events that conspired to keep me from posting are trivial and not worth going into, but I'll tell you this: When I had the 'oh shit I forgot to post' moment, it was already to late to post.

Cause I suck like that.

Buenos con queso,


Sunday, November 16, 2008

A few pictures to tide you over.....

As you may know, I went for a nature walk on Friday.

Well, ok, I actually went to the casino to cash my check, and walked over to pay my car insurance. The fact that there was some nature involved is simply a function of Carson City being what it is.

There are some fairly large tracts of undeveloped land (read cattle pastures), a couple parks (mills being the largest), and we're kind of centrally located on a north-south migration route for migratory water fowl.

I've got some pix of geese that I need to weed through, and I will, and I've got some pix that relate to a phenomenon that's been going on almost since I moved to Nevada, some 31 years ago.....

Until then, I'll share a couple pix from Fridays walk:

These are the berries (?) on the 'thorn' tree/bush:


I know this isn't wheat, but it don't know what it actually is:


I have some more photos of leaves to celebrate fall, but this is a good one:

Fallen Leaf

Ok, so there are a couple photos from my walk.

I'll try and work through some more tonight after work, but no promises.

For those of you keeping track, Michael will be here in 4 days (thursday), and I anticipate some good fun out and about both Thursday and Friday nights.

More on that later.

Ok, I've exhausted my 'before work time,' and now I have to finish getting ready.

Buenos con queso,


Saturday, November 15, 2008

There are none so blind as those who will not see....

With a profound title like that, you're prolly expecting some deep philosophical discussion here...

Sorry to disappoint you, but the most exciting thing I did today was brave Walmart.

The sheer volume of people in there was frightening.

I was hoping to find some more X-Files, but the're down to copies of season one and nothing else.


I started working on the pictures I took yesterday, but before I got finished, I had to drive Pops out for some errands, one of which was the aforementioned trip to Wally World.

We also went to Lowe's, the grocery store, and uhm...I think that was it.

Ok, I know it's lame again, but then, so am I.

Buenos con queso,


Friday, November 14, 2008

I went on a nature walk today...

I shot a ton of pix, and now I've got to prep them all for the upcoming blogs.

Until I get to that, here's one for you perusal:


Is that a gnarly thorn or what?

And yes, it was a thorn!!

There are better blogs coming, I swear.

Buenos con queso,


Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have no idea what I'm doing here.....

You see, I have a couple ideas for blogs, but they're kind of involved.

They are going to require multiple pictures, captions, and possibly some cat juggling.

Ok, maybe not cat juggling.

At any rate, until I can get this going (read tomorrow) you get another lame ass post.

The counter is down to a week until Michael arrives, and we're both of the opinion that this shit is gonna kick some major ass.

But, I've got a ton of shit to do tonight, so I'll chat at you later.

Buenos con queso,


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I need a running mate....

So, since I plan to run for President (im hoping for 2012 but it may be 2016) I guess I should figure out who I want as my running mate.

As a non-partisan candidate, I don't feel comfortable choosing from one of the major parties, and the so-called 'independant' parties have more nuts in them than a PayDay bar.

This leaves me in a bit of a quandry. I've entertained the thought of naming my son as my running mate, but I'm not sure that would work. I don't know the rules on such things.

I mean, I don't really need to worry about it for a couple years, but it still bothers me.

So, this is it:

I'm calling for your help in choosing.

You can nominate anyone, yourself, or someone you know, but you must give 3 reasons that I should choose your candidate.

Do so in the comments, or if you prefer to remain anonymoous (on the net yeah right) you can email me at kvenya at gmail dot com.

That being said, I guess should finish this cup of coffee and get ready for work.

But I dun wanna.

Buenos con queso,


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another lame post

It was one of those days.

Not a bad day mind you, just one of those days where time didn't play along, so here I am, at nearly 11pm, trying to find something interesting to say, and failing miserably. I've been sitting here for like 5 minutes, and I got nuthin'.

Buenos con queso,


Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10.....

No, not really.

That just came to me as I sat down to blog tonight....

Lessee...what's happened since yesterday.

  • I slept

  • I worked

  • I posted a lame blog

I also watched my show, and it was pretty good. I'm not sure where they're going with it, nor am I sure how long they plan to make it....I mean, there is a certain timeline in the whole Terminator mythos after all.

I've got a movie on now, but I can't tell you what it is. You see, it's a surprise for when Michael comes to visit.

For those of you that don't know, that's my son, and he's coming up for his 21th bday. We plan to make an event of it.

So, consider this your official invite:

Come Ye, One and All


Carson City

For the celebration on November 20th-21th.

Be There, or Be Square

That being said, I'm totally serial. I know none of you can actually come, but if you find yourself in the Carson City/Reno area, give us a shout.

Ok, that's my lame post to stay within the bounds of NaBloPoMo.

Buenos con queso,


ps i just noticed that totally rhymes..... t.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I hope you didn't come here looking for happy.....

That's where my head's been lately. It's been a year since Greg died.

I don't think I have it in me to go into it all again, but I'll put some links up if you want to read the other posts I put up last year.





That's all for now.....

Buenos con queso,


Saturday, November 08, 2008

I had a nice long blog all ready for you.....

But now I'm too tired to really give you much.

It was a good day, but I think I've eaten my body weight in food, and now all I want to do is sleep.

I'll try and do better tomorrow.

Buenos con queso,


Friday, November 07, 2008

Blogging from James's

My friend James, who I haven't seen in like a million years (well ok about this time last week) called me today, and told me that he had this new video game that I just had to check out.

Well, since James is the bastard that got me hooked on EQ, and because he is (and will be when im prez too) my Techincal Advisor, and because I'd finished my errands for the day (4 boxes sent out more to follow) I headed over.

Since I had been drinking (my saturday remember) I decided I was going to walk. As I was headed for the door, D The Roomie offered me cab fare one way.

I had no choice but to accept. (james says hi btw im still there if you can't tell)

I arrived at his house, and he proceeded to show me Civilization: Revolutions for his XBox 360. I may have mentioned that I like the Civ family of games, and if I didn't consider this your notification, and I've been wondering about this game.

It's a cross-platformer from Sid Meyer, and it's supposed to be quite the shit. I haven't had a chance to really sit down with it (and im not sure i want to learn wrong buttons cause i dont have an xbox), but I've been watching him play, and I have to say, I'm impressed.

Now, it's not as intricate as the PC version (right?) but it is a very cool game. I'll prolly be renting (or if we get one in the store) buying a copy as soon as I can afford one.

In other news (do i overuse that or what).....

There's a rather somber anniversary approaching, and I'm trying not to be down about it, but it's proving difficult. I'm not going to go any deeper into it yet, as I only have to wait for Sunday for the actual day, but expect a drawn-out and maudlin post in a couple days.....

Tomorrow we're celebrating my Gran's 90th birthday. I know I went there the other day, but we're going to the Fandango. I do have this to add tho.....

I found out that we're going to the champagne brunch.

Oh, and my Mom offered to drive (thanks mom), which means that I don't have to (really) monitor my alcohol intake. I mean, I'm not gonna get sloppy drunk or anything, but at least I'm not driving...

I anticipate the food to be outstanding, and I expect about 20 of my relatives to be there....

You should expect me to take lots of pictures, and fail to post any, as should my family.....

Maybe I'll just dump them on flickr and let people download/print them.


Buenos con queso,


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Time got away from me this morning.....

I got all involved reading other blogs, and now I'm forced to try and shoehorn in something meaningful and fantastic in the few minutes left to me.

As usually happens in these situations, I got nothin'.

It's my Friday, so that's a good thing. With any luck I'll get paid today too, but that all depends on the bookkeeper. Some days we do, some days we don't.

Saturday will mark a rather cool milestone: We will be celebrating my maternal gmaw's 90th birthday.

She actually turned 90 on the 4th, but we're doing her party on the 8th so that folks can visit. We're doing a Champagne brunch at the Casino Fandango, which you may remember me talking about.

Or, maybe not. It was a while ago, and some of my new readers prolly haven't read through all of my past drivel. Here's a link, if you care.

Ok, I have to go mix some anti-freeze for my car.

Buenos con queso,


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Even more X-Files

Did I mention that I bought the second season of the X-Files? I know I told you I bought the first season, but in case I forgot to mention it, I got season 2, too.

I had forgotten how funny the show can be.

I mean, yeah, it's about the strange and unexplainable, but some of David Duchovny's lines are absolutely hysterical, and he delivers them so deadpan.

I wonder how hard it was to deliver those lines without cracking a smile or laughing out loud.

I'm about half way through the season, and I can't wait to watch the rest. I have to say I'm glad I have the whole season tho, cause the last episode I watched last night (last on the disc too) was one of those cliffhangery-to-be-continuted episodes.

I'm soooo glad I don't have to wait a week to find out what happened.

Buenos con queso,


Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I don't really have much to talk about today.

I guess I should say that I managed to kick my cold's ass and send it running for the cheap seats.

I was barely sick at all actually. Not sure if the medicine did it, or the sheer force of my will made it back off. Either way, I'm not sick.

Daylight savings is fucking with me.

It always does.

It's different in the fall tho. Setting the clocks back is supposed to 'give us an extra hour' to sleep and such. Well, sadly, my body clock doesn't work that way. Now, instead of waking up at 6, which is merely an hour before my alarm is set to go off, I now wake up at 5.

Not that I'm really waking up at a different time in general, it's just different on the clock.

That's another thing I'm going to change when I'm President.

You do know I'm running, right?

Well, not this year, but 2012, or 2016.

I'll let you know for sure.

Oh, and if I don't make the actualy ballot, just write me in.

I'm counting on your vote.....

Buenos con queso,


Monday, November 03, 2008

What makes these people think they don't have to pay sales tax?

I swear.

I mean, I know I work in a pawn shop, and we have negotiable prices, but for fuck's sake, everyone pays sales tax.

Well, unless you have a resale number.

Or work for a church.

Every day I hear a counter offer of 'whatever dollars out the door.' Like we have some magical power to suspend state law

Get used to it you fucking cheapskates....

Ok, so I've got 3 addresses. I'll be sending out stuff out in the next few days, so keep an eye on your mailboxes.

If any of the rest of you want prizes, you have to email me your addy...

Buenos con queso,


Sunday, November 02, 2008

I've been working on the 'boxes of love'....

Just so you know, this is how it's going to work.

I've got a few items that are going into every box, and then I'm trying to put some individualized items in them as well.

We're nearing the mail out date, so if you want some mail-love, send me that addy.

This means YOU PSP.....

Also, as some (or both) of you may know, I'm doing the NaBloPoMo thing. I don't have a button or anyting like that, cause that's not how I roll.

Or, I've just forgotten to get one, but either way, this will be another month with lots of posts.

I hope y'all are up for it.

Hell, I hope I'm up for it.

I'd love to stay and chat, but there's a new Simpsons Treehouse of Horror on tonight, and I'm sure that it'll be better than anything I can come up with here....

Buenos con queso,


Saturday, November 01, 2008

An inauspicious beginning.....

Well, I barley mentioned it, but I'm doing the whole Nablopomo, thing, and I planned to have a really bad-ass post for you in honor of that, but....

I decided to get sick instead.

Seems I've been fighting a cold for about 2 days now......

I've been freebasing Halls, and chasing it with Theraflu.

And hoping.

I feel a little better today. In fact, I went out and picked up a couple things for the box o' love, and I've only gotten a couple addys....if you want some mail, send me an addy....

In other news, Pops and I had some errands to run. This, of course, inevitably lead to us at the Gold Dust West.

Can you say frustration:

I snapped this pic of the fourth time I hit 5 of 6.


Buenos con queso,