Friday, March 29, 2013


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Herman Morgan said...

Very Nice Pic's T.J ! I always enjoy your Photography, most especially your Lightening Pic's, laser-tracer shots, and Camera-Toss. As you know, I hardly ever leave the house without 1 or more Cameras, but since my RV Transport Biz died early in the Bush Depression, and since I lost visitation with my Grandkids because my Daughter is a nut-job, I've seldom cracked a shutter. However, I am getting more active on my Blogs, and am planning some Video Broadcasts on U-Stream and YouTube, I will be doing some still photo's to go along with my narrative stuff. More about that later,..say Hi to Pops for me, and I'll post some links once I get my new projects going ! Stay Tuned, Herm.