Friday, November 11, 2011

George Lucas has been making money off me since August of 1977

You see, that's when I first saw Star Wars.

In the theatre.

We didn't call it 'Episode 4,' and we didn't call it 'A New Hope,' we just called it Star Wars.

My sis and I were near the front of a line that must have had better than 150 people in it.

Also that summer, I bought the borders, red, and then I think yellow (it may have been orange).

I had action figures, and I bought an X-wing model. I was mad for it all.

Then there was Empire. Saw that in the theatre too. And Jedi.

And all 3 of the 'new ones.'

And then, all 3 of the 'old ones' again, when they were re-released. I owned several different copies of each of the first 3 on VHS, and currently own all 6 on DVD.

I haven't bought them on Blu-Ray yet, but it's prolly just a matter of time.

May the Force be with you,



TheHermanator said...

Hey T.J., Just dropped by to see what condition your condition was in ! It's good to see that you have been a blog-slacker recently, because I've been so negligent that I lost my Blog on the Blogatize Network. Yep, that bad, so Thank Google that my Blogger Blogs are intact, since we have an election year coming up, and that's my favorite time to Blog, and surf other's blogs for ideas I can dispute, or steal ! LoL, Give my Best Veteran's Day wishes to Pops, and I'll be in touch, Herm

aikaplan said...

I saw Star Wars for the first time in August 1977 2. in Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The crowd went wild with applause at the beginning when the Empire ship came in overhead. My dad was a big science fiction fan and I was sorry he could not be there with me to see it.